Friday, November 23, 2012

Why NOT to order your Wedding Flowers from the same place you buy your meat.

Sometimes, when you're on a Budget, you might be led towards ordering your Wedding Flowers from your local Grocery store. The same place that you get your milk, eggs, and meats.

Questions to ask before you do this:

- Who will be ordering the specific Flowers and colours)  I need for my Wedding?

- Who will be designing my Flowers? Is the Designer a professionally trained Florist? e.g. Hydrangeas are a popular flower for Weddings, they need enormous amounts of hydration to prevent wilting, if the designer has placed them in Oasis foam, they may be wilting by the morning of the Wedding...

- Where will the Flowers be stored, once they are made up? ( most Grocery stores do not have a cooler which is set aside for Flowers. This means your boxes will be sitting in the Flower aisle overnight, and if the store is open 24 hours, well... hopefully no-one trips over your boxes, or dumps a shipment on them.

- who will be delivering the Flowers and doing any necessary set-up?

Everything in Life is a Learning just don't want to have that learning experience on your Wedding Day!

Photos courtesy of Oasis  Floral.

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