Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pre-Wedding stress, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

What is Pre-Wedding stress? It's those unforseen situations that pop up just before the week of THE WEDDING!! Here's some scenarios we've come across... yes, Florists wear another cap, It's like The Peanuts comic strip, "The Psychiatrist is in.."

Did you know that continued high levels of Stress in your Life will age you faster? Click here ( The Canadian Institute of Stress)  to see what you can do about it

- Aunt Caroline (ficticious name) decides to help you with the decorating..she comes to see you with bags of flowers from the (Quelle horreur!!) Dollar store. You have had the decorating all planned for at least 6 months, everything is all assembled and ready to go. You have done countless mock-ups of the table settings , and all is under control, or so you thought. Besides, she's helped you before. You know that she stuffs things randomly without the proper mechanics, and should someone sneeze at the Table, the entire centerpiece may go flying! What can you do?

- Tell her that the Florist has already arranged everything, and that your Wedding may be featured in a Wedding magazine, so nothing can be changed or added at this point.
- Show her what you have planned, (if there's time) and thank her profusely for her offer of help. Say "I could use some help with...."

OMG - Did anyone order a Corsage for  my Stepmother...?  There will always be someone forgotten in the confusion, so rather than offend anyone, order at least 2 extra corsages. Same for Boutonierres. 

Where am I going to put my Hairbrush and tissues, and ...and...?

Come visit us at The Camellia - we have a fab array of evening purses, some are hands-free so you can still give hugs and shake hands.

And most of all, take some time for yourself. Sit by the lake and do some positive affirmations.. Our Wedding Day is going to be wonderful. I am Happy...... I am Loved. ..... and you get the picture, you can add your own mantras. 

It's been proven that petting a  Dog calms a person down, so Pet away!

Go for a Massage, then straight to bed for a Nap! Your deserve it!

I'm a great believer in Lavender to help you destress - Try our Matanzas Creek roll-on essential Oil of Lavender. 
Come see us at The Camellia for all your Wedding Flower needs, Spa Baskets, Wedding Favours, and purses.  #0 Hacquoil Rd. Open Wed. through Sun. Shop
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