Saturday, January 31, 2015

Paris Engagement shoot Vera Wang dresses

Who doesn't love Paris..the city of LOVE. 

Or so you think ...until you open your mouth and can't speak French. Or if you happen to travel there when there is some security issue, then you will see a number of armed personnel. 

Les Champs Elysees - a shopping mecca for Luxury goods. 

Do not forget to go into the Louis Vuitton store.

Paris is the perfect backdrop for an engagement on the link below to see a wonderful couple, wearing Vera Wang, of course. 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Places to Honeymoon, Martha Stewart

There are so many choices.... where are you going on your Honeymoon? Check the link below from Martha Stewart Weddings.

All the work leading up to the Wedding - forgotten, once you are laying around on the beach. 

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Walking down the aisle wthout your Dad or Mom beside you

 It's your Big Day, that day that you are going to promise, in front of all of your family and friends, to love, cherish and honour the wonderful person you are about to marry. For some of us, this day is  happy and sad at the same time. We are missing our Mom or Dad, death is so final. How can you remember those loved ones who are not here to celebrate your special day?In this blog post we will explore the various ways you can remember them on your special day.
Notice the little gingerbread heart tied into the bouquet above? It was made by the Bride's Oma and tied into the Bride's bouquet. 

As one Bride recalls:

Our family is large and far-flung across the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Guyana and England.
Needless to say we tend to all get together at either funerals or weddings. Weddings, of course, beat funerals, hands down, so if there's ever an opportunity to attend one, I always RSVP.
I love Weddings. They are truly magical and hopeful events. This past summer I attended three. Two cousins and a family friend. Yet, as much as I love weddings, I have to admit I was a little envious of the brides being escorted by their fathers down the aisle, as well as, when it came time for the traditional Father-Daughter dance.

My father died over 13 years ago.
He passed, unable to fulfill essential Dad jobs such as giving my then, soon-to-be-husband the
"I'll hurt you if you hurt her " Dad speech, walking me down the aisle, and the father-daughter
dance at my wedding.
So it's always a little bittersweet in those moments, bearing witness to the surrounding joy. At my wedding, my sister and I included anthurium lilies in the table arrangements, in honour of my father.
He loved gardening and anthuriums were his favourite. At my cousin's wedding, she transformed an old shirt of her father's into a cushion, which bore the wedding rings.

Remember your loved ones, who have passed, on your special day by incorporating their favourite food or drink, by including an admired flower in your wedding bouquet, reading a passage from their favourite book, or playing a song in their honour ( we broke out Tiney Winey by Byron Lee).
Here is a floral design which was ordered by the Bride in memory of a member of her family who had passed away.

 Remember, they're still here...we just can't see them.
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