Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Making a Floral backdrop for your Wedding,The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Thinking about a gorgeous Floral backdrop for your Wedding? Maybe you are thinking of doing-it-yourself? After all, it looks easy, or what do you think? You're going to get the flowers from the grocery store, the same grocery where you buy your meat and oranges...? Florists get asked these questions all the time. Anyone who has made these Floral walls know that Floral walls are labour-intensive, use a lot of product, and are expensive. Flowers must be sourced from reputable Florists, and not from grocery stores. The mechanics alone are are quite difficult. 

Image via Pinterest (Wed Luxe ) 

These Flower walls use a lot of product, expensive product. Ranunculus as in the photo above, peonies, roses, hydrangeas, are just a few of the flowers needed to make a floral wall. 

Here are some videos to watch from Smithers-Oasis and Mayhesh which show you how it's done. 

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Peonies are a classic Wedding Flower, Here are some we have grown in our Garden, and made into a lovely Bridal Bouquet. 
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