Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Visit to Kate Spade, Purses at The Camellia

Purses, designer purses, Kate Spade

Today we're visiting Kate Spade, a store where they sell Purses. Some of us love purses and will pay hundreds of dollars for them, while others carry around a well-loved, well-worn sort of purse. What is so special about a Kate Spade purse? Maybe those of you who buy them can leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Looking in the window of a Kate Spade store

Are you in the midst of Wedding planning and thinking about a Kate Spade purse as a Gift for someone special in your Wedding party? Let's head into Kate Spade on Santana's Row in San Jose, CA, and see what's in store. 

Kate Spade showroom with gold striped walls

A Purse is an essential part of an outfit, and they come in every price range, size, and colour imaginable. A fabulous purse will complete an outfit and make a girl feel special. Living in Northwestern Ontario, some of us spend the winter in flannel shirts, fleece leggings, and hiking boots. of course, we have hat-head ( for those of you who don't live in Winter, that's the drowned rat look you get from wearing a winter toque), as for our purses, we probably have some well-beaten up purse that can withstand the snow and slushiness of winter. So when we come upon a store like Kate Spade, we venture inside and stare at the beautiful colours and styles, and become aware of how sadly we are lacking in the style department. 

purses in showroom, Kate Spade

The Purses are laid out like beautiful pieces of Artwork, and they call to us....Buy me.... Purses make a great gift for your Bridesmaids.
Some of you have told us that your obsession with Purses started way back when you were a child. Maybe your Dad bought you Designer Purses as a Gift. Perhaps you would save up and buy a Coach purse every Payday. There is no denying that a beautiful Purse and shoes elevate your outfit, so even if you are wearing leggings and a T, you still look stylish!  Then there is the thrill of that look you get from others who recognize that you are carrying a ----------, or a Kate Spade. Of course, there is your significant other, who doesn't know what or who Louis Vuitton is, is that a new racecar, he asks...? 

Louis Vuitton storefront les champs elysees

Here we are at Louis Vuitton's store in Paris, on Les Champs Elysees.

Louis Vuitton Handbag Paris

This is the oldest, most recognizable pattern of Louis Vuitton.

Handbags Louis Vuitton Paris Les Champs Elysses

These are the newer, more colourful patterns of Louis Vuitton. So do you prefer to save up and splurge on designer handbags or would you rather spend less on handbags and more on some other item? Leave us a comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Kate Spade designer purses

Notice there are the usual safe choices of taupes, creams and blacks. There are also the pops of pinks, oranges, and that mix between pink and red and orange. 

white wedding purses at The Camellia, thunder Bay

Here at The Camellia, we have the coolest blingy handbags for your Bridesmaids, and at a great price. Head into our store at 30, Hacquoil Rd. to see our selection, or visit the #Airlane window  where we have a display of purses. 

Fendi- style purses Thunder Bay

Look at this sophisticated black handbag with a great Fendi-style trim, priced an the Un-fendi price of around $79.00 . 

silver and black clutch handbags at The Camellia, thunder Bay

Our clutches ( with chain straps) are so instyle for weddings, priced at $39.00. 

handbags at The Camellia

A great carry-it-all Handbag, in a fabulous Red. This would make a good travel bag, since it holds a fair bit but still fits under the seat nicely. And it's pleather, so it will wipe clean. That reminds me of a time when I was travelling somewhere in the Caribbean, going through the Airport security, and the person behind me in line had a Louis Vuitton Travel bag, and was getting upset as it was being searched. Then she started to swear, which wasn't so great for her image, given  that she was carrying a Louis Vuitton. 

This is a fun clutch, colourful and holds quite  a bit. 

Wedding flowers The Camellia Thunder Bay, On

All right, I've convinced myself to ditch the old duffle handbag and switch to something far more stylish, even if I am in Thunder Bay and just heading out run errands! 

Visit #TheCamellia for all your wedding Handbag needs, and we also design Wedding Flowers and have a Bridal Registry for Bedding and Linens. 
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Visit our booth at the #ThunderBayWeddingsShow2017 at the Victoria Inn, which is on the first Sunday on March. We look forward to seeing you!