Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy 1st. Day of Spring! Pink Dogwood, and White Wisteria blooms, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Wisteria, White, Flowers , Thunder Bay

 Sometimes when you are travelling on a roadtrip, you make an unscheduled stop, and you happen upon something so beautiful, you get out your camera and take a bajillion pictures, but none of them really do it any justice. This was the case with this beautiful, large white Wisteria Tree/Vine. The white blooms were massive and hung overhead in giant white clusters cascading towards you....never have you seen something more beautiful! The Wisteria was in a Garden Centre which sold stone statuary for Gardens. And so it is with Flowers and your Wedding,,,the two go hand-in-hand. Flowers add so much to your Wedding Day. Flowers are Magical.

flowers Thunder Bay

The play of white against dark, soft blossoms against the hard edges of stone. Your Wedding would not be complete without Flowers. Can you imagine your Wedding photos against this lovely Wisteria backdrop? Photographers are taking Wedding photos in unconventional places... just take a look at Pinterest, and you will see the most interesting and who-thought-of-that photo backdrops. 

flowers Thunder Bay

dogwood pink flowers

While you are driving around Vancouver Island, in the Spring, you will come across Flowering Dogwood, in white and Pink. Pink dogwoods would make a beautiful photo backdrop for your Wedding...the entire Tree is almost covered with Blooms! 

pink dogwood blooms

Don't they look like someone has meticulously painted them with a Paintbrush? Pink and White is a classical colour scheme for Weddings. What colours are you planning for your Wedding? 

pink blooms dogwood

Flowers add so much to your special Day... these are Gerbera Daisies, they come in a wide array of colours.

Gerbera daisies,  The Camellia

Here at The Camellia, we design beautiful faux Botanicals  like this Tulip & Amaryllis Bouquet. 

Pink Tulips, Faux Flowers, The Camellia

Come see us here at #TheCamellia for the best in faux Botanical Wedding Flowers. We are located at 30, Hacquoil Rd. and we are Open from Wednesday through Sunday. P (807)475-3551. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thunder Bay Wedding Show 2017, Victoria Inn.

Burlap wreath The Camellia

Thanks to all of you who visited our booth at the Thunder Bay Wedding Show at the Victoria Inn, in Thunder Bay. It's exciting to see all the vendors and their inspiring displays, with everything from Wedding venues, to Caterers, Event planners and Decorators, Photographers and so much more. This is one of our custom Wreath designs at The Camellia, and if you like to DIY, you can take a class and make your own Wreath! Our classes are listed at www.thecamellia.com 

burlap bag with ruffles, The Camellia

Burlap is still popular for Weddings, it's that mad mix of Elegant and Rustic. This bag looks easy to DIY, but who would want to when you can buy it from us, finished, for $39.00? At The Camellia, we have many styles of Handbags, ranging from Crossovers to Bling. 

DIY class at The camellia

Flower Crowns are so popular, you can take a class and make-your-own with faux ( silk-like) Flowers, this class is offered on April 20, 2017, and again on May 31st. 2017. You can let us know when you register about your colours. 

Bling white rose bouquet, The Camellia

Here at The Camellia, we design faux Bouquets for your Wedding. 

wedding bouquet, The Cameliia

We also design #Brooch bouquets. 

pink and black burlap wreath, The Camellia

Here is a Parisienne themed Burlap Wreath. 

SGM Designs

There were many other vendors at the Thunder Bay Weddings Show.. SGM Designs. 

Bus service in Thunder Bay

Kasper Minibus service - always a good idea when trying to arrange the logistics of transporting guests from Point A to Point B. 

Event design service

Love this wooden sign from Daydreams Event Design. 

Thunder Bay Wedding Show 2017

Photography services. 

Wedding gowns

Here are some of the models in beautiful Cinderella-style Ballgowns. Most girls have a picture in their mind of their special Wedding dress. 

gluten-free bakery Thunder Bay

If you have guests who cannot have Gluten, Peartree Bakery makes Gluten-free baked goods for your Wedding guests. 

Wedding Flowers , the Camellia

Come visit us at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. for the finest in faux Wedding Flowers, Bridal registry for linens, and Bedding, Purses, Spa Gifts, and DIY Classes. 
Open Wednesday through Sunday. P (807)475-3551

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why choose Faux blooms over Fresh flowers? See The Camellia at Thunder Bay Wedding Show 2017, Victoria Inn, Thunder Bay

Brides quite often choose Faux Silk-like Flowers for their Wedding Bouquets.  WHY ARE SO MANY BRIDES CHOOSING FAUX ( SILK-LIKE) FLOWERS FOR THEIR WEDDING?
  •       Flowers don't wilt on hot days or freeze on cold days
  •       Can be made way ahead of Wedding Day
  •       greater Selection of Colours in artificial flowers
  •       no need to worry about pollen allergies or sensitivity to smells
  •       can be used after your Wedding in vases as decor
  •       easy to transport to Destination Wedding sites
  •       DIY your own Bouquets at The Camellia
  •       can be sold after on buy & sell wedding sites
  •       Vintage elements & Brooches are easier to incorporate into bouquets  

 If you are debating what to do, whether to get fresh flowers or you might be leaning towards artificial flowers, come see us at the Camellia at the Thunder Bay Weddings Show 2017, at the Victoria Inn, in Thunder Bay, from 11.00 to 4.00. We will be at Booth # 30 in the Main Ballroom. Here at The Camellia, we have been creating beautiful Faux Bouquets for 35 years, and we use the most realistic-looking Flowers. Brides usually tell us that Wedding guests will come up to them and say.."Don't you have to put your Bouquets in some water..? " Our Faux Bouquets look real! 

The Camellia Thunder Bay Wedding florist

Here is a Wedding which took place on Valentine's Day in Thunder Bay, it was probably -30 that day. Bouquets stayed looking beautiful, made of dried Lavender grown on Vancouver Island, mixed in with faux grasses. 

The Camellia thunder Bay

The camellia Thunder Bay Wedding florist

The Camellia thunder Bay Wedding florist

This is a Purple themed Wedding in the heat of Summer...faux flowers used in the Boutonnierres means no crushing or wilting, blooms stay looking fresh all day and night. 

The Camellia Thunder Bay Wedding florist

Faux corsages for the Bride's Mom and Dad. 

The Camellia

The lovely Bride's Bouquet - all made of faux blooms. 

The Camellia Thunder Bay Weddings

These are the Bridesmaids Bouquets - all faux flowers, but they sure don't look it! And there is no last-minute worry, will my flowers be here in time for the photos, will they be wilted in all this heat...? 


And a Head Table Garland - all designed with faux Flowers - this is a Rental item from The Camellia. 
For the best in Faux Botanical Wedding flowers, Visit The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd.
Open Wednesday through Sunday. 
For more photos of Weddings we have designed Flowers for, visit http://www.lakesuperiorweddings.ca/real-weddings---the-camellia---kimberly--steve.html.

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