Friday, July 28, 2017

Why should I be the only 1 to change...why doesn't he/or she make some changes as well..?

Getting married or Moving in together? It will quickly become apparent that you have differing opinions on various issues, and in today's world, it seems like all the preliminary things that were traditionally done when one was contemplating marriage, are simply ignored. So many people may end up in a relationship where important questions were not asked. Important issues like Money, Jobs, Religion, Caretaking for infants, Household chores, grocery shopping, where to holiday, how much to spend on this... and the list goes on. 

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Every family has a different approach to Conflict Resolution. 

-There's the WHAT PROBLEM? THERE IS NO PROBLEM  ( Sweep under the Carpet and pretend it doesn't exist).
- Then there is the YES DEAR, WHATEVER YOU SAY,  DEAR. Total compliance, The same partner gets his or her way most of the time, until he or she becomes a bit of a dictator, a Hitler, it's their way or the Highway. And the more you give in to them, and don't question them, the more dictatorial they become.
- Then there is the CUT DOWN THE OTHER PERSON AND MAKE THEN FEEL INCOMPETENT, he or she attacks the very self-confidence of his or her partner.
-What others can you list, from your own experience?

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And then there are EXPECTATIONS. Child development experts tell us these are formed early on in childhood, they can be formed by the media, TV, friends, and movies. 
The inevitable arguments start, and insults are swung back and forth. Families of each partner get drawn into the mess, and more words are exchanged. It's always a bit of a shuffle as new persons move into an existing Family circle. They all have to try and get along with each other. The whole process can be exhausting, and in some cases, can prove to be too much for some family members. The relationship can become so toxic that the parties involved decide to not try anymore, it's just not worth the effort. 

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And last but not least, what happens when there is a baby involved? Is it so hard to put aside your individual differences and think about the Baby? 

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Monotasking instead of Multitasking - how do you get it all done sans Wedding stress, the Camellia

Getting married soon? Is a bit of Panic starting, and you are wondering how will you get it all done? 
Read this article which talks about the value of NOT trying to multi-task.

Take a deep breath and imagine you are here, driving along on the Californian coast. Beautiful scenery, waves crashing on the shore, and you, taking some deep breaths. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the details, that we forget to savour the Journey. You might think, " I can't wait for this Wedding to be over...! " 

Maybe you had envisioned your Wedding in a #NapaValleyWinery. And that isn't possible, given your Budget constraints. It's OK, ask your decorator to source out some old Oak barrels from wineries in #Niagara, and plan your decor along a Napa Valley theme. 

You may have dreamt of having your Reception at an old chateau, however, your reality is a Banquet Hall in your hometown. So maybe you can go to the Chateau in #Napa for your #Honeymoon. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you concentrate on just 1 thing, rather than freaking out over 10 different To-Dos. 

When things get too much, take yourself back to this Coastline, and Breathe. Don't snap at those around you, they are only trying to help!

When you head off in the Car to somewhere new, you use Google Maps , so you don't get lost. The same principle applies to your Wedding, plan every step, and make sure those around you, know what the Plan is. Don't hang onto everything, and then scream at them because they are of no help. 

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