Friday, September 21, 2018

Drama and more drama, please can someone give me a Normal family?

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Do you have a close member of your family getting married in the near future? Does it feel like the department of Drama in your Home....? You walk in the door, and ask: how are things? and you get this....I feel like killing myself!!!  You try to remain calm, but on the inside, you're screaming...WHAT NOW? Can I please have a "normal" Family?  In today's world, there is no "Normal." 

Birch archway

Are you spending a lot of your time sighing? That is a sure sign that you need to back off, and allow everyone in question to sort out their own affairs. All you want is a calm, peaceful life, which is usually not the case with a Family Wedding. Just like the archway in the above photo, simplicity is what your desire. Reality is that you will be yelled at, You don't care about me! It's my wedding! etc. 

red van and high rises

On the surface, everything is under control, and then you get sent across town, to pick up something that isn't ready yet. You're fuming as you have wasted 2 hours in downtown traffic. It's all 'normal' and part of having a Family wedding. The perfect Wedding with no glitches happens on Pinterest. This is real Life. Your Life. 

wine bottles

You're tempted to start drinking the Wine you were sent to pick up for the Rehearsal Party. 

chocolate cakes

You may also be tempted to stress eat, just give me one of those small chocolate cakes, they're so cute! Chocolate!! 

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We often hear family members say..." We will be so glad when this wedding is over!!" Finally the Wedding day arrives, and everything is wonderful, the weather is great, and all that drama is forgotten.  

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Good luck with dealing with your Drama King or Queen, and visit us here at The Camellia for Wedding Flowers. We are Open Wednesday through Friday. 
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