Thursday, December 27, 2018

2018 most best Wedding photographs - The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

You're getting married and of course, you want to have the best backgrounds for your Wedding photographs. And maybe you are one of those lucky people that look gorgeous in photographs, but maybe you are like the rest of us, you think you rarely look good in photos, and you invoke the photoshop gods to make your photos look fabulous.

view from Blue ridge mountains NC

We all dream of exotic locations and sometimes ignore the beauty of the very place we live in. Here in Thunder Bay we have the beauty of Lake Superior, along with many inland lakes. We also have the backdrop of the Nor'Wester Mountains, and the rolling hills of Slate River Valley. Nature makes the best backdrop!

Kam River on a sunny day, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Click on the link below and take a look at the best Wedding Photographs from 2018. Then look around you and check out possible venues for your wedding photos. 

mossy forest BC

mossy tree with ferns BC

What backdrop are you leaning towards for your special Day? A Farm-inspired shoot with an old Barn? A green mossy forest...? Lake superior? 
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flower bouquets on sale at The Camellia

pink wedding flowers thunder bay

wedding flowers 40 % off at the Camellia

wedding  flowers The Camellia at 40%off

The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, On
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