Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tropical Wedding, Punta Cana, Camellia's Thunder Bay, On

Some brides dream of getting married on the beach in a tropical location. There's nothing like the warm weather, the sand , and the sound of the waves.

Here's the set-up for a Wedding on Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I noticed that workers were cutting the green branches from the coconut palms, and I was wondering why, as usually they trim only the dead branches. The green palm branches were used to make this arbour.

What a work of Art! A beautiful canopy for a tropical Wedding....

What kind of flowers can you use for a tropical Wedding? This is a double Hibiscus, they are plentiful in the Tropics, and the blooms only last a day. Hibiscus come in all colours.

This is a Bouganvillea vine, perfect for cascades, and winding around pillars, or cakes.

Want to have a tropical Wedding theme? Contact Camille for your Tropical Wedding Flowers,
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We have a good selection of starfish, seashells, tropical Hibiscus runners for tables, and faux birds of paradise, ginger, and other tropicals.

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