Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Happy Canada Day! The Camellia. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Ocean near Syndey-by-the-sea, Vancouver Island

Happy Canada Day, 2020! We hope you're enjoying your self somewhere by the water, trying to stay cool. 

seashells on sand

Many of you may have planned on getting married this Summer, and you would like all your seashells lined up in a row. Instead nothing can be planned and uncertainty is the new norm. 

getting married in a Lavender field

Maybe you have a Farm nearby and you can have a small ceremony in their field, or maybe in your own Garden? 

garden peony at The Camellia, Slate River, On

If Peonies are blooming in your garden, you can use them for a Wedding bouquet. 

Mussels and more pottery The Camellia thunder Bay

Visit us here at #TheCamellia for Wedding Flowers, and Bridal Registry for Mussels 'n More Pottery, Paint and Bedding. 
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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Holding a "Mini-monie" Wedding ceremony during Covid-19, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Napa Valley Vineyard

The current pandemic has definitely reshaped the Wedding industry. Some of you will postpone your Wedding until things return to normal.  At this point, we don't know when that will be. 
A lot of us have a hard time understanding that we can't be in control of everything. We have to practice the concept of surrender - the control you are letting go of is control over something(s) you were never in charge of. 

walking down the aisle

The traditional large Wedding with many guests, elaborate venues, 5 course meals, and more, is it something we want to return to? Do elaborate Wedding celebrations cause financial anxiety ....will we be able to afford this Wedding? How many couples choose not to get married because they felt they could not give their partner the Wedding of their dreams? 

Enter the Mini-monie. A smaller, more intimate Gathering , which takes place maybe in your Backyard, with a smaller meal, and which is just as meaningful as a large Wedding. Here is an article on this subject

garden peonies at

Maybe you will grab some Flowers from your Garden - these are Pink peonies from our Garden here at The Camellia. 

Faux flowers in vase The Camellia

Wedding flowers on red 1957  Pontiac

At The Camellia, we design Wedding flowers for your special day. They can be as simple as 1 Bride's bouquet and 1 Groom's boutonierre. Call us today at 807-475-3551, or visit our website at 

backdrop with old frames for wedding cake table

Visit us at #TheCamellia for Wedding flowers, Purses, Cottage Paint and more.
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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Planning your wedding during these times of uncertainty..., The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Vineyards in the Fall

It's May in Thunder Bay, and in normal times, there would be Spring weddings, and also many of you would be planning to get married during the Summer. However, with Covid-19 and the ban on large social Gatherings, it makes for some difficult Wedding planning. A second wave of Covid may happen in the Fall, so there goes the idea of maybe postponing your Wedding until the Fall. 

orange leaf on ground

It's so difficult when you cannot make plans, as the future is uncertain. We are so used to booking our venue, music, food, and more. 

blank wedding invitation

How can you send out invites when you can't set a date? Everything seems to be on hold. 
Here's a good article to read , about how Covid-19 will change Wedding celebrations for years to come.
What do you think? Are you planning a mini-ceremony now, with plans to do a big wedding later? 

purple and lime faux botanical bouquet The Camellia

    Here at The Camellia, we design beautiful Bridal bouquets, made of faux botanical Flowers. Many 
couples are turning to silk flower bouquets as opposed to real Flowers. Our Bouquets can be used at your mini-ceremony, and then later on, can be used at your regular Wedding celebration. You can place them in a vase and use as a centrepiece in your Home. 

Visit The Camellia today, by booking an appointment at 807-475-3551. During Covid-19, we have gloves for you to wear in-store, please bring your own mask, and maintain a 6ft. distance as much as possible. All our store windows  open, ensuring a supply of fresh air. 
We are Open Wednesday through Sunday ( 11-5, or 12-5). 

wedding flowers on sale The

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Has your wedding been cancelled due to COV-19? The Camellia, Thunder Bay

It's March 26, 2020. It seems like our whole world has been turned upside down. Those of you who planned on getting married in Spring of 2020, well, who could have anticipated that our world would be shut down by Covid-19? 

couple on their wedding day walking on beach holding shoes

Wedding venues and restaurants have been ordered to close up. Most of you have already paid deposits on your Wedding venue - hotels, restaurants, Florists, and the list goes on. Flights have been cancelled, international borders are closed, and in Canada, provincial borders are closed. Fresh flowers are imported from all over the world, especially from Holland, Belgium, and Columbia, and these flowers come over on flights. As so many events have been cancelled around the world, the flower auctions in Holland were showing images of beautiful fresh flowers being dumped, a lot of flowers.

fresh hydrangeas and amaryllis blooms The Camellia

Royal FloraHolland said that between 70 and 80% of Hollands' total annual production of flowers is being destroyed. It's so sad. In Canada, we have some local Flower growers, but with Flower shops being closed, who knows how the public will be able to get their Easter and Spring blooms. In Thunder bay, we may be able to offer contactless delivery at
What is Coronavirus? Click on this link which explains. 

fresh flowers in vase at the Camellia, thunder Bay

sunwing plane on runaway at airport

Destination weddings are popular, and some of you may have arranged your wedding in Mexico, or Jamaica, or some other Caribbean island. Due to the covid-19 virus, your destination wedding is now cancelled. Of course, you would have paid for all flights and hotels upfront. Read this article: This couple and their guests had booked all-inclusive vacations with Sunwing, and collectively paid a total of $57,600. Sunwing is not giving refunds, except in the form of a travel voucher which has to be used within 24 months. What the  ###??? We don't know if this virus will peter out, or when. 

catamaran on sandy beach in Caribbean

flowchart of decision whether to cancel or reschedule your Wedding

red rose bouquet The Camellia Thunder Bay

Here at The Camellia, we have been designing wedding Bouquets for 35+ years. Here is a Rose and lime green fresh Bridesmaid Bouquet. Below is a beautiful Bride's Bouquet of top quality faux flowers. 

faux floral bouquet in purples and greens The Camellia Thunder Bay

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Wedding Floral trends for 2020, Thunder Bay Wedding Show 2020, the Camellia.

The Thunder Bay Wedding Show is on today at the Victoria Inn, in Thunder Bay, On. It's an exciting place to connect with wedding vendors and see what is trending in the Wedding market. 

One thing we always get asked is:What's trending in weddings? What colour is in this year? Are bouquets roundy-moundy or are they wild and untamed? Is cake-cutting a big thing or can we do a cupcake bar? Click on the link below to see what the Wedding Floral Trends are for 2020. 


Do visit us here at #TheCamellia at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. for Wedding Flowers, supplies, Cottage Paint, Decor and Photo props.
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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hello to those getting married in 2020, in Thunder Bay, On.Canada.

January calendar image via

It's the start of a New Year - 2020!! Maybe you got engaged over Christmas, and you're starting to plan your Wedding. How exciting! Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by all the wedding details you have yet to arrange....?? 

couple showing rings on hand, image via

No need to feel overwhelmed, this is an exciting chapter in both your lives. You can start your own 'Our Wedding...' Pinterest board. This will give you a space to save ideas for decor, dresses, table settings, and more. 

palm tree in garden, image via

Are you thinking about a Tropical wedding?

snowy birch trees in Thunder Bay, The Camellia

What about a snowy, Northwestern Ontario wedding? 

apple trees in bloom on Hacquoil Rd. The Camellia

Or maybe a Summer Wedding in Thunder Bay? 

The 1 question we often have to answer is "what do wedding Flowers cost?" It depends on so many things. Click on this link and read carefully. 

What's trending for Wedding Flowers in 2020?

bridal bouquet of roses and other flowers, image via Rosa Flora

For more information, click on these links below. 
In order to save time, (yours and the Wedding consultant), have a list of what you need, and the services you require, and an idea of your WEDDING FLOWER BUDGET ($). 

For Wedding Flowers and DIY Classes, visit The Camellia at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay. 
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