Saturday, December 31, 2022

Time to start planning your 2023 Wedding Flowers, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On.

hands making the shape of a heart

Are you planning your 2023 Wedding? It's not too early to plan your Wedding flowers! With ongoing supply chain problems, more lead time is required to get the colour and specific flower that you want. 

pale pink Kiara forever Rose The Camellia

Ask about Kiara Roses... real roses that stay fresh forever. These are a great alternative to fresh, especially for Winter weddings. 

sitting around the fire in pj's

 Summer seems far away, especially in the Winter, especially when all you want to do is curl up by the fire. 
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Friday, June 17, 2022

Take a break before your Wedding day, you will be glad that you did. The Camellia, Thunder Bay


outdoor massage table in tropics

There is a lot to get done when you are getting married. If you are both working full-time, and live in a different city from your family and friends, things can quickly become unmanageable. Taking a break before your Wedding day is a good idea Now that travel restrictions have lifted, maybe it's time to take that tropical vacay. It may just be what you both need.

person doing a foot massage

If you can't get away, book a Foot massage at your local Spa. You will feel so much better! Relaxing in a hot Bath will also help. It's amazing how much better you will feel, after practicing some self-care. So often we get caught up with the crisis-of-the-moment, and we neglect ourselves. 

person wide awake laying in bed

If you cannot sleep, because of all the Have-to-be-done-yet-details, give up trying to sleep, and do a brain dump. Write everything down on some paper, and then try and get back to sleep.  You Tube has some great sleep meditations. 

woman taking a nap with eye mask on

Laying down for a 30-minute Nap will do wonders. We hand-make these weighted Eye-pillows which you can use hot or cold. You will be able to function much better after a Nap. 

woman standing in field holding a Bridal bouquet

Here at The Camellia, we make Dried & Faux botanical wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and Corsages. If you would like to make your own Dried Flower bouquets, we stock Pampas grass, Bunny tails, fan palms and more. Do try to order ahead to ensure that we have the items that you will need.

preserved real roses at The Camellia
Just in! Real Roses that have been preserved..... no water needed!

dried fan palms at The Camellia

Just in! Dried Fan palms. 

Dried Bunny tails grown at The Camellia

We grow some of our own Dried flowers - like these Bunny tails. 

Dried and bleached quaking grass

These are Dried and bleached quaking grass. 

dyed oat grass at The Camellia

Oat grass, that has been dyed Pink. 

Dried grasses and Pampas Grass

Shop instore at The Camellia, 
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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Should I just get my Wedding flowers at my local grocery store?

 Sometimes the whole arranging a Wedding thing gets to be overwhelming. We get it. And Wedding Flowers can seem equally daunting. So should you just go to the grocery store, and buy some flowers, and DIY? After all, there are many You Tube videos, and it looks easy...., but is it really easy?   

It takes years of practice to do Wedding flowers. As for setting up at a Reception, it is a very time-consuming process. Everything has to work smoothly, if the Banquet staff are late with setting up the tables, then the Florist cannot start decorating. If you are having a simple Garden Wedding, with a few guests, and you have a lot of help from Family and friends, DIY may be a possibility. If you are using fresh flowers, make sure to order what you need well ahead of the date you need it. 

simple hand-tied Bridal bouquet

Looking at Pinterest and setting up a Mood board is great, but have you noticed how rare it is that the price of all these wonderful Floral installations is mentioned? If this is your first time ordering wedding flowers, sticker shock will definitely occur. 

person sitting in front of a computer

Doing your research online before you meet with a vendor is always a good idea. Making a list of what you need is a must, it is difficult to get a price quote otherwise.

2 penguins walking on shore

If you having a Boho-chic Wedding, call us for Wedding flowers. We have a large variety of Dried and preserved flowers. 
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Friday, February 25, 2022

Will 2022 be the year you can finally get married? The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario


This is supposed to be the biggest year for Weddings - 2022. Restrictions are lifting after many lockdowns, so now is the time to have your Wedding. How many of you have been putting off your Wedding? 

couple kissing with masks on,

Masks are going to be with us for a long time, as new variants pop up. It's best to plan your wedding in the Summer, when you can be outside, and not be freezing because of the cold temperatures.  

Ceremonies are smaller now, and that may be a good thing for some families. A smaller gathering forces the guest list to be weeded out, leaving only those who are the most important people in both your lives. 

Bride in pink sari

Don't skimp on your outfits, and no skimping on your Wedding decor. This is a special day, and you want your Wedding photos to reflect that. It's best to book your Wedding flowers early. 

globe with mask on, image

Come see us here at The Camellia for Wedding flowers, we specialise in Dried &  Faux botanicals.
The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario. 
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wedding bouquet

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Why not order Wedding Flowers with Fresh & Permanent Botanicals? The Camellia, Thunder Bay

2022 is predicted to be a very busy year for Weddings, which is understandable given the number of people that have postponed their weddings due to the pandemic. Enter the Micro-Wedding. This is the current trend of smaller guest lists and unconventional venues. 

The Fresh flower industry continues to be hit with flower shortages, delivery issues, and numerous other problems. Gone are the days when a Bride can demand a certain colour of Rose, in fact, Florists are closing their doors at an alarming rate across the United States and Canada. Even Oasis, the foam used in fresh flower arrangements, has been scarce this past year. 

Time to think about wedding bouquets made with fresh greens, faux botanical flowers, and dried flowers. Click on this link to read more: 

Bridal bouquet of Fresh & Dried flowers

    This beautiful bouquet is designed with fresh flowers and dried grasses. 

Bridal bouquet of Fresh & Dried flowers

What flowers are you planning to use in your Wedding bouquets? It is nice to dream and look at Pinterest Wedding boards for inspiration, however, most of the ideas shown require a big budget. There are many costs involved, and it is impossible for Florists to supply extra services without charging you additional fees. Expect that Quotes for Wedding flowers will change, due to Supply chain issues. ( At the moment, Canada just required all Truckers entering Canada to be double vaccinated. There are many shipments stuck on trucks which cannot enter Canada, causing huge delays). 

Cream faux delphiniums at the Camellia

Silk/Faux Botanical flowers are a perfect choice when you are looking for a specific colour, which may be difficult to obtain this colour in a fresh flower. Most flowers are flown in as cargo on passenger jets, and flights lately have been reduced, or cancelled, or late. Choosing faux botanicals means less stress for you. 

During the summer, we grow as many Flowers as we can, however, our growing season is quite short, and our weather is unpredictable. Here are some Sweet peas which we grew in our garden. They had to be started indoors in March!

white cosmos blooms

Open Rose bloom in ivory

Contact us if you would like us to design your wedding Flowers !   
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Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Don't plan on having your 2022 Wedding around Christmas & New year's, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

pink blossoms in vase

Every Wedding needs Flowers, and before the pandemic, we all took fresh flowers for granted. As a Florist, we would place our orders, the flowers would get trucked in, we would make up the bouquets and event flowers, and the Bride has a beautiful Wedding, and everyone is happy.  During major holidays like Christmas and New Year's, it is all a giant bucket of stress and nail-biting moments. Truck routes may get cancelled, shipments sent to Thunder Bay get sent to North Bay instead, and Hello, its Winter and accidents happen, and highways are closed. Trucking employees just want to put in their time and get home, so they don't read labels, and give your shipments to some other Flower shop. Other Flower shop refuses to answer their phone!!! More panic....So while a New year's Eve Wedding sounds lovely, just plan to hold your Wedding at some other time.  These situations actually happened, just in case you think that we are just whipping up drama. 

And yes, to top it all off, there is a Covid pandemic on, and the number of guests you are allowed to have can change overnight!  

fresh white gardenia bloom

There is an alternative, you can use Dried flowers in your bouquets, or faux flower stems. Fresh local greenery (evergreens and balsam ) look and smell wonderful, and are plentiful in our Northern Ontario forests. If you decide you have to have fresh white gardenias ( see above photo) in your bouquet, it will be impossible to make this happen. However, a silk gardenia is possible, and here at The Camellia, we use the most realistic permanent botanical stems in our bridal bouquets. There are so many problems getting fresh flowers, that you may have a hard time finding a florist to design your Wedding flowers.


dog looking out onto lake

Late summer into early Fall is the best time to plan your wedding in Northern Ontario ( our pesky bugs will have eased up by then, and days will be getting cooler), and with our abundance of Lakes, there will be no shortage of beautiful places to take photos. 

The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. 
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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Coping with a Flower shortage and what it means for your Wedding, The Camellia, Thunder Bay.


Wedding mood board

There is a shortage of fresh flowers for all occasions, including Weddings. In various parts of Canada , we have had a very dry Summer, with many forest fires. Worldwide, there is a shortage of Flowers, due in part to the cancellation of many events , because of the Covid virus. Growers and Wholesalers have gone bankrupt, and transportation of fresh flowers has been compromised. 

To fully understand the crisis, read this article:

couple getting married wearing masks

What does this mean for your Wedding? It will be difficult for any Florist to promise you will have those exact coloured Roses that you so want to have in your Bouquet. Scarcity causes price increases, so there is no way to quote a price for your Wedding a year in advance, as prices are changing weekly. 

Then there is the problem of transportation .... getting the flowers to your Florist in minus 21 C. winter weather. Trucks break down in cold temperatures, winter storms happen, and highways are closed. Staff become sick, and shipments don't arrive. And don't forget, Flowers need a heated transport. In Thunder Bay, fresh flowers are shipped from Toronto, or from Winnipeg, Mb. This leads to some nail-biting moments, especially during winter, when icy roads lead to overturned transports and closed highways. The stress faced by Flower shops during the pandemic, has been intense. 

Then there are the restrictions on size of Indoor and outdoor Gatherings ...this will change with 2 days notice. Your Florist has to order your flowers at least 1 month in advance, then Covid rules change, and your Wedding cannot happen, let's say, (worst case scenario). Your Florist still has to pay for your Flowers, unless you cancell two and a half weeks to 3 weeks ahead of the event. It is up to you to ask your Florist about their policies regarding cancellations.

What can you do? Source out flowers and plants from a local Greenhouse, for Table decor, (if your Wedding is in the Summer). Do arrange this with your local Greenhouse, a year ahead. If your Wedding can't take place, you can use the plants in your garden. 

spring flower planter - Canada Blooms

Think about a mix of fresh foilage and silk flowers, with dried accents. Foilage is fairly easy to get, with most greens coming from Florida or California. Faux flowers come in many colours, and look very realistic. Bouquets can be made ahead, and placed in water, which leads to less stress. 

lavender growing in field

Visit us at The Camellia, for your Wedding flowers. 30/32 Hacquoil Rd.  Slate River, Ontariop. 807-475-3551.

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