Friday, April 28, 2017

Co- Habitation agreements

Ah the joy of Modern day living arrangements! It is quite common for couples today to live together without getting married, thus creating a whole slew of grey areas as far as Property and Assets, Pensions and so on. 


He may own a Castle. He's worried she will now own half of it. 

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She may have worked really hard and built up a Business, and is worried that he will take half of it, and all of her hard work. No-one wants to bring up the subject of a co-habitation agreement, However with over half of all Marriages/co-habitation ending in divorce, both parties involved must think along these lines. Most people today get together when they are older  ( 27 for women and 29 for men), and by this time they both own property, have Homes, have Pensions, etc. 

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She may be a Vegan, and his favourite show may be Man vs. Meat. All kinds of compromises to be made. 

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Thinking of moving in with someone?  Look at a cohabitation agreement before you make that move, and of course, if you live in Canada, check into the laws of the Province you will both reside in. See a Lawyer for advice. Here is a good link, if you reside in Ontario,

Have we outgrown Marriage? Read Susan Gadoua's book , The New I do,

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A DIY Wedding in Tasmania, The Camellia, Slate River, On

It all looks so easy on Pinterest - a DIY Wedding. In real life, it takes a lot of work, planning, and many helpers.

You start trying to Do-it-Yourself, and then you find you have to get help. Visit #TheCamellia for DIY Workshops and help with making Reception decor. 

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DIY Boho Chic Flower Crown Class

  • Colours: Cream
  • Size: Partial
Make-your-own Boho Floral Crown, in this workshop you will be using glue and tape to create your own flower Headpiece. You will make a full crown which goes all the way around with ribbons in the back. Class is 2 hours or so, after you book your Floral crown class, come into shop ahead of time to choose colour scheme. You can make your own time with a party of 4 or more. Class is $59.00 per participant + hst. You will leave with a gorgeous full, real looking Flower Crown. Tentative Dates: Thursday, April 20th. 2017, 7p., Wed. May 31st, 2017, at 7p. Thursday, June 8th. 2017, 7 p. 

Click on this link  and check out this Fabulous DIY Wedding. 

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dealing with stress when Getting Married- Thought Field Therapy

How many times we have overheard in our store, " Oh, I will be glad when this Wedding is over! ..." Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the planning and the details..and the ....will I offend someone if I do this....

white lily with stamens

Will this Rhubrum Lily stain my Wedding dress? Yes. 

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Simply have your Florist remove the stamens ( very carefully) before she makes your Bouquet. Lilies smell so beautiful! 

Jo Malone perfume

If my Mom wears her favourite Jo Malone perfume, will my mother-in-law( who is scent intolerant ) pass out, and we may have to call the ambulance....

macaroons, desserts, chocolate

What kind of desserts shall we serve ...? Help. I am starting to panic.!  Watch the video below, and practice Thought Field Therapy. You will feel a lot less stressed, and you will be able to use this technique in other stressful situations. 

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Your Wedding Day will come, and everything will work out, and you will have the most beautiful Wedding! Visit The Camellia, for lovely Wedding Flowers. and for DIY Classes. 
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