Friday, April 28, 2017

Co- Habitation agreements

Ah the joy of Modern day living arrangements! It is quite common for couples today to live together without getting married, thus creating a whole slew of grey areas as far as Property and Assets, Pensions and so on. 


He may own a Castle. He's worried she will now own half of it. 

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She may have worked really hard and built up a Business, and is worried that he will take half of it, and all of her hard work. No-one wants to bring up the subject of a co-habitation agreement, However with over half of all Marriages/co-habitation ending in divorce, both parties involved must think along these lines. Most people today get together when they are older  ( 27 for women and 29 for men), and by this time they both own property, have Homes, have Pensions, etc. 

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She may be a Vegan, and his favourite show may be Man vs. Meat. All kinds of compromises to be made. 

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Thinking of moving in with someone?  Look at a cohabitation agreement before you make that move, and of course, if you live in Canada, check into the laws of the Province you will both reside in. See a Lawyer for advice. Here is a good link, if you reside in Ontario,

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