Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dealing with stress when Getting Married- Thought Field Therapy

How many times we have overheard in our store, " Oh, I will be glad when this Wedding is over! ..." Sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the planning and the details..and the ....will I offend someone if I do this....

white lily with stamens

Will this Rhubrum Lily stain my Wedding dress? Yes. 

The Camellia white lily wedding flowers

Simply have your Florist remove the stamens ( very carefully) before she makes your Bouquet. Lilies smell so beautiful! 

Jo Malone perfume

If my Mom wears her favourite Jo Malone perfume, will my mother-in-law( who is scent intolerant ) pass out, and we may have to call the ambulance....

macaroons, desserts, chocolate

What kind of desserts shall we serve ...? Help. I am starting to panic.!  Watch the video below, and practice Thought Field Therapy. You will feel a lot less stressed, and you will be able to use this technique in other stressful situations. 

Wedding day, october wedding , the Camellia

Your Wedding Day will come, and everything will work out, and you will have the most beautiful Wedding! Visit The Camellia, for lovely Wedding Flowers. and for DIY Classes. 
30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On 
p (807)475 - 3551

wedding flowers thunder bay the camellia

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