Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to plan a fab backdrop for your wedding..... Dreamy Greek location wedding.

You're getting married....and you want your Wedding photos to look beautiful. You pore over Pinterest and start fantasizing about a wedding in southern Italy, on the Amalfi coast. Then this shows up in your feed, from Green wedding shoes, California Boho meets coastal Santorini. You check your budget, and there is no way you can hold your wedding in this location. A girl can dream though... 

spring flowers at www.thecamellia.com

wedding in Santorini
photo via Pinterest

This location makes for an incredible backdrop, the photography, and the Bride and Groom are breathtaking. 

greek wedding
Photo via Pinterest

So you cannot travel to Santorini. What's a Plan B? You can install a backdrop, i.e. a large wall photomural from KOMAR. This is quite a process, these cost around $200.00.

komar photomural

Here is a mural which we are installing on a closet wall, so we have 3 sliding panels. It is quite a process, and requires some patience, if you are planning on installing a mural, it will be much easier to do it on a bare wall ( i.e. not on 3 sliding doors ).  

Komar photomural

Komar wall mural, Thunder Bay, On,Superior Coatings

Looks like the real things, doesn't it?  If you think long enough , a Plan B will appear. Need exotic wedding flowers? Visit us here at #Thecamellia.com for Tropical-inspired  wedding bouquets and decor. 
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To view samples of our work, go to www.lakesuperiorweddings.ca

green and purple wedding bouquet, Oasis floral

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