Friday, January 31, 2014

Pink Event decor, The Camellia

   Photo of Vases of varying heights filled with Fresh flowers, the Camellia

 Sometimes you're walking around, getting on with your To-do list, and you come upon a display of Flowers that is SO beautiful that it stops you dead in your tracks. These photos do not do it justice. If you are getting married, or have an important Event coming up, this would be a great display if your colour scheme is Pink.

 Photo of Rose arrangemenst in glass vases, The Camellia

 Flowers add so much beauty to your Event. Do not even think of not having Flowers  .. so much would be missing. Special events in our lives are marked by flowers - Birth, Engagements, Graduations, and so on. When people need to express grief at unexplained tragedies, there is usually a mass of floral bouquets at the site of the tragedy. In this display notice how the Florist has made use of varying heights of glass vases to add drama and interest, and to keep your eye moving.

 Hydrangea heads have been placed in colured dyes to achieve a soft pinkish beige tint. Flowers under glass seem like works of Art, and in truth, all flowers are works of beauty .

 Photo of Rose bouquets, The Camellia

 Large glass fishbowls - with rose heads, hydrangea blossoms, and dyed water. Beautiful in the centre of a table.

 Photo of Glass vases with roses, The Camellia

 Some people will say Carnations, but look at them here, elevated by massing techniques and effective use of colour blocking, enhanced by the bamboo shoots. Oh-so-pretty!

 Roses massed with Hydrangeas, and placed at an angle in the Vase. Instant drama..

 Photo of Rose bouquets, The Camellia

 Romantic blush pink Roses, so suited to a pastel-coloured Wedding celebration.

 Photo of Rose Bouquets

I hope you are as inspired as I was when I came upon this beautiful display in an entranceway. 
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