Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How are Wedding & Event Florals made.

Great how-to of what goes on behind the scenes at your Florist. Make sure you click on the link above, and watch the entire video. Sometimes we get Brides in that wonder, "but why do Wedding Flowers cost this much, this is crazy..!??" I'll just do my own...just look at all the designs on Pinterest, it can't be that difficult...

J. Schwanke shows an EASY Trick for concealing a water supply and making a hand tied bouquet that can be set on a table for many hours. This trick using a Sphere of Foam will allow you to design your flowers so they LOOK Like a Hand Tied Bouquet... with none of the worry about them being out of water!

If you want to DIY, but end up getting frustrated because it is harder than it looks, just take a class at The Camellia. 

 The mechanics behind the design. 

  Here's one of the bouquets we designed for a Wedding last Summer. If you would like to do you own Wedding Flowers, we can order in the fresh or faux blooms, and you can mkae them in our studio.

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