Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lavender-themed Wedding

Outdoor Weddings are beautiful - and impromptu signs like this one - really add a country vibe to an outdoor Wedding.

Love this idea of a Wine barrel for decor.

What a lovely spot for an outdoor ceremony, this spot is in California, no bugs!

Here at The Camellia, we carry all kinds of Lavender favours, this is Lavender essential oil from Matanzas Creek Winery.

Lavender plants growing in Napa Valley, California.

 Spanish Lavender pots which you grow for Decor at your Wedding. This is growing in my patio in Northern Ontario.

 Lavender garlands and swags look wonderful at the Wedding Reception, and the smell...!

There are many different varieties of Lavender. Orders for these special varieties should be placed months ahead. At present, we have a good stock of Violet Intrigue Lavender.

Moving onto another subject...
What Bride wants to be laced into an uncomfortable dress, that's pinching and biting, and falling down, and you're constantly doing the pull-up-shimmy-shake.... Think about
Cotton Wedding dresses  ...offered by owners  Fikre Ayele, and Chris Kole. Heaven is being comfortable and light and airy when wearing a dress for 8-10 hours. Cotton breathes.I just love Cotton.

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