Monday, April 27, 2015

The Second Wedding

Most people getting married for the first time go all-out - a fabulous dress, the perfect shoes, hair, make-up and the perfect venue. And they say their vows...promise to love each other, forever, in sickness and in health, and so on. 

Reality is that over half of marriages will end up not lasting forever. The Happy ( formerly Happy) couple splits up, and each of them go their separate ways. Then, a miracle happens and she finds someone else, and they're getting married. 

This time the Wedding planning goes something like's our second Wedding, and we just want a small bouquet, nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, and again they's our second time around. It's as if they have already made up their minds that this too may not work. Not a good start, second Wedding or not. Have confidence....everyone gets a second chance...plan a wonderful celebration of your Love. Invite only the people that matter. 

As for your Bouquet..go ahead and splurge, no small bouquet for you!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Downtown Abbey Wedding

What's it like to say "I do" at Downtown Abbey? Click on this link..

Photo: Pinterest

What sort of Wedding are you planning?
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