Friday, May 29, 2015

Canadian Barn Wedding

Nowadays, we are told, people don't get married. They seem to live together, then they are expecting a baby, usually this would have been cause for shame in the family (having a  baby out of wedlock, who remembers Madonna's Papa don't preach song. well nowadays it's a new kind of normal, or there is no normal. some don't get married even when they're expecting a baby. Anything goes. We don't need a ring, they say. We don't want to waste money a a big Wedding. If you say anything to such a couple, oh, you are so old-fashioned...! as if to say..are you stupid or what?

Take a look at this Wedding, how can you miss out on all of this? It's so important to celebrate your love and commitment to each other by getting married.       

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You can buy Cottage Paint from us and use it to turn an old piece into something cute to use as a photoprop. 

Are you ready for the dresser Before? 

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