Friday, July 22, 2016

On the day of my Wedding, my photographer failed to show up...

I recently heard about a Wedding someone attended, and about an hour before the Wedding, the Photographer had not showed up, The ones getting married called him, "Where are you...? " 
He replied, "You asked me for a quote for and a photography package, I emailed you the information, and you never got back to me. I didn't know I was photographing your Wedding!"  On such an important day, their memories are now in the hands of guests who used their Ipads, and phones to take photos. Not good. 

This is not just happening with Photography. Florists are being called 1 week before the Wedding, " When are my Flowers going to be delivered..?" Florist replies, "You're not on my list of August Brides, who are you?" Same story, The  Bride emailed for a quote and thought that a reply meant she had booked a Florist. When hiring a professional for your Wedding, make sure you have signed a contract, AND PAID A DEPOSIT. 

Flowers take time to prepare, there is no Easy button, every piece is designed especially for your Wedding. 

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Best free Wedding fonts

How many of you are DIYing your Wedding signs and stationery? Click on this link for some great free fonts. 

You can make your own wooden signs with #CottagePaint which we sell at #theCamellia, or you can sign up for a class at

Wedding Invites by Letterelle ...

You can stencil onto burlap for a personalised Table runner. We sell #Stencils at The Camellia. 

Vintage dressers make great photo props for Weddings. We made over this Antique in #CottagePaint, this Vintage dresser is for sale at out shop on Hacquoil Rd. ( a 2-colour distress process, finished with Flamingo Pink) 

Lettering really makes a statement. For stencils, classes, Cottage/Chalky Paint and custom signs, Visit The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River. P.(807)475-3551. Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.