Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marriage in the 21st. century

It's complicated. Nowadays, you know to tread very carefully when asking questions about various subjects. Like Marriage....and Divorce...and separation...and Co-habitation, and so much more. You learn to express interest, but cannot keep up with ever-changing relationship scenarios. 

wedding bouquet at The Camellia

Here at the Camellia, we design Wedding Flowers. We also hold DIY Classes if you want to make your own Bouquets, and do your own decorating. 

wooden signs at The Camellia

All everyone wants is to Be Happy. 

tin signs at the Camellia

This article from the Star is a good read. Click on the link to read. 

forest at the Camellia

Wishing you blue skies on your Wedding Day, and come see us at the Camellia for your Wedding Flowers! 
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