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Royal Wedding Bouquet, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.

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Just over a week ago, the world was eagerly awaiting the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Most of us are fascinated with the Royal Family, and Great Britain used to own many countries in the Commonwealth. Guyana was a British colony, at one point, it used to be called British Guiana. My parents entertained the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in Guyana, and I vaguely remember an autographed photo of them, which they presented to my parents, in Guyana. 

Photo via Pinterest- how to be a Duchess. 

Florists all around the world speculated about what her flowers her bouquet would contain, I thought David Austen roses, for sure. It was as bridal bouquets go, quite small, and simple. Every flower has a meaning, dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria.  
And for those who are wondering:
ASTILBE: Meaning 'I will be waiting for you' or 'I'll still be waiting', symbolizing patience and dedication
LILY OF THE VALLEY Latin name- Convallaria. Symbolises sweetness and the return of happiness. It is also the birth flower of May.
ASTRANTIA: Symbolises strength, courage and protection.
Forget-me-nots: Diana's favourite flower
MYRTLE: A royal custom going back to the reign of Victoria
SWEET PEAS: Meaning 'delicate or blissful pleasure'

Click on this link  to This is Glamourous, for  a full account of the Royal wedding. 

Are you getting married, and you would like to use similar flowers in your Bouquet? Lily of the Valley smell wonderful, the blooms last a day, the same with forget-me-nots. These would have to be picked just before the bouquet is made, which is not practical for most of us. You can substitute silk lily-of-the-valley, and silk forget-me-nots. 
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