Friday, June 1, 2018

Getting enough sleep when getting married ...tossing at 4am. The Camellia, Thunder Bay Wedding florist.

Brunelli bedding The Camellia

You're getting married! Congratulations! As your Big Day draws near, you have so much to do, you drop into bed absolutely DONE, exhausted, finito. You wake up during the night, a bazillion things start floating around in your head, and you CANNOT GET BACK TO SLEEP. Does this sound familiar? Click on the link below for some great advice. 

wedding decor Thunder Bay

You start worrying about how can you know how many centrepieces to order for the Tables when over half of your invited guest have not RSVPed. 

wedding bouquets The Camellia thunder bay

Did you order enough wedding flowers, are these colours going to look weird? 

wedding signs The Camellia

And then you remember about what is really important, being Happy together. At the Camellia, we carry essential Oil of Lavender, which has been proven to help with relaxation and sleep. We also have Lavender Sleep wands, from White Oak Lavender Farm, these are so easy to use, no messing with oil, just roll-on, and small enough to keep 1 in your handbag. 

lavender flowers The Camellia Thunder Bay

Lavender bushes at White Oak Lavender Farm, in Virginia. 

sleep pillow Thunder Bay

Here at The Camellia, we make Lavender sleep pillows, which help you have a better sleep. They are stuffed with lavender buds. 

lavender Thunder Bay The Camellia

wedding venue Va

At White Oak Lavender Farm & Winery, they have beautiful grounds and a Wedding gazebo, where you can hold your wedding ceremony. 

wedding gazebo va

The view from inside their Wedding gazebo. 

Visit us here at The Camellia in Slate River, Ontario for Wedding flowers, and Lavender sleep products. Open Wednesday through Sunday.