Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Will I get eaten by bugs if I have an outdoor Wedding in Northwestern Ontario?

Our question today is : "I'm planning an outdoor wedding in Northwestern Ontario, and am wondering about the bugs....? what is the best month to plan an outdoor Wedding?"

This is a valid question, as we all get carried away by photographs of beautiful outdoor Wedding ceremonies, most likely photographed somewhere in California or Vancouver. 

Let's look at what happened in the Summer of 2015. It rained a lot, which made the No-see-um population explode. If you had an function outdoors, you would be eaten up come dusk. It's probably safe to have an Outdoor Wedding from July onwards. The end of August can be iffy here, as it can be either scorching hot or freezing cold. 

We ( The Camellia) sell Mosquito Nets and No-see-um nets which are 40 ft. wide on the bottom. Plan to have your event in a windy location, bugs hate wind. Or arrange to have some large fans at the venue. Some places will fog just before your event.

Provide trays of Bug repellent for your guests, and get the Multikap from The Camellia. Looking for an outdoor venue for your Wedding?  Try Gammondale Farms, and Rose Valley Lodge.

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