Friday, June 30, 2017

Marriage isn't all rosy Pinterest Bed of Roses either's just hard work, and a lot of compromise.

Whether you are getting married, or you are moving in with someone, you are full of expectations, maybe imagining being Happy, sharing a life together, and enjoying a wonderful Life together. Where do these rosy expectations come from? They may be coming from TV shows we have watched, from Pinterest images, Wedding magazines, and all the media we are bombarded with. 

Not too shortly after you move in together, things about your partner start to drive you crazy. Then, the bickering starts. What are some of the most common irritants?

  1. Organization or Lack thereof.  1 person may like everything in its place and cannot function within a messy household. The other person may have been brought up in a messy household, and never picks up after themselves. 
  2. Different attitudes towards Money and spending & saving. Her normal may be spending $300.00 on a new item of clothing or accessories, and he may be used to spending a lot of money on parts for his Truck. 
  3. Family issues : Why does our Summer holidays centre around your Family and what they want to do? What about me and my Family? 
  4. Differences in how conflicts are resolved: One partner wants to hash things out, the other sweeps it under the rug and buries the problem, hoping it will go away. 
  5. Lack of Communication. This is a biggie. There is no way that your partner can crawl into your head and figure out what you should have communicated to them. 
  6. Different attitudes in bringing up kids and Step-kids.
There are so many more Topics, but we are not going to cover them all today, we are just here to say, if things aren't working out, it's all ok, it's all normal,  when you blend 2 individuals from different families,  to have conflicts and disagreements. If you grew up in different cities, or different countries, it presents even more of a challenge. 

Just remember 3 words : Communicate and Negotiate, and Breathe. 

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Container Planting Hack, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

container gardening prep

What does Container Gardening have to be with Wedding Decor? If you are having a Summer Wedding, planting up some containers is a great, budget conscious way to have that lush, Garden look at your Wedding. Pick annuals or grasses close to your Ceremony colours, and you can also start shopping for the right colour of containers. Head to your local Garden centres and Greenhouses. Start preparing your pots with a mixture of potting soil, peat moss, and fertilizer or cow manure. Make sure there is drainage at the bottom of your pots. 

how to prepare soil in planters

If your containers are large and already in place, add new dirt and fertilizer and compost to your pots. This is the boring part, but it's very important if you want a lush display of flowers. 

A great Gardening hack is on this video, . Watch as he puts the empty pots into place and then builds up the dirt in between the pots. It works! All these years we have been Gardening, and never thought of planting like this! 

planting containers

summer container

soil in tin bucket

Have fun planting your containers and visit your local Garden centres for inspiration. You can use Antique buckets for a Vintage Wedding.

Garden centre

There are many shapes and sizes and colours of pots and containers.

large pots

These containers will be quite heavy once they are filled with dirt and plants, so they will be more difficult to transport from venue to another venue. 

gardens in Northern Ontario, Hacquoil Rd

Container Gardens are perfect for your Wedding! Start planting now! Visit us at #TheCamellia for faux Wedding flowers, Wedding favours and purses. 
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