Monday, November 20, 2017

Wildflower wedding bouquets - what to grow in Northern Ontario's climate for Wedding bouquets, The Camellia.

pink dahlias at The Camellia

Are you getting married during the Summer and have visions of growing your own flowers to be used in your Wedding Bouquets? However, you live in Northern Ontario, where the Summers are a bit iffy as far as warm weather goes. Zinnias are a nice flower, last lasting and they come in all colours. 

wildflower bouquets

Don't forget to plant some grasses, and hops ( on the right)  look beautiful trailing out of a Bridal bouquet. 

sweet pea blooms at The Camellia

Sweet Peas are another favourite, but quite difficult to grow in Northern Ontario, except in a greenhouse. They smell heavenly, and come in all colours. 

white glads

Glads can be grown here, but it takes all Summer to have blooms reach maturity. It may be easier to order Glads from a florist. If you are having a Fall Wedding, you can try growing Glads. 

dahlias The camellia

Dahlias have showy blooms, but again are a late Summer thing in Northern Ontario. 

garden prep

You will need to prep you Flower bed, and then mulch ( to keep weeds down) and also to keep you Flowers clean. ( i.e. no mud on blooms). Do not start anything from seed, our growing season is far too short here in Northern Ontario. Buy Bedding-out plants from Paulusma's Greenhouses, My Blooming Business, Creekside Nursuries, etc. 

monkshood blooms The Camellia

Plan on spending a lot of time, washing and debugging your blooms. They will need to be properly hydrated, and be kept cool until the day of the Wedding. Once your bouquets are arranged, spray them with Fresh flower sealant ( Crowning Glory)  to keep them looking their best. 

ferns at The Camellia

If you are on a Budget, Ferns can make beautiful centrepieces. 

bouquet at The Camellia

Here's a bouquet of our Garden flowers, mixed with blooms from a florist.

Always have a Plan B, if your blooms do not materialise, due to too cool weather, too much rain, not enough rain, and so on. Order your blooms from a Florist, at least a month ahead of your big day. If you are in #ThunderBay, you can check with Brule Creek Farms ( they may  grow Sunflowers,, and Moss Cottage, and of course, you can contact us at #TheCamellia. We offer DIY make-your-own-flower-bouquet Classes. 
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Friday, November 10, 2017

Victorian era Etiquette

Looking back in time, one wonders how a person kept track of all the do's and dont's of society. Fast forward to today where fashions and etiquette have changed so much. Click on this link to learn more.  

image via Pinterest

Certainly, there would have been no need to remind everyone to unplug, and put their cell phones on silent. 

wedding flowers at The Camellia

Flowers  - one wonders what Wedding bouquets were like. Here at The Camellia, we design Brooch and Vintage floral bouquets and offer DIY classes so you can learn how to make your own bouquets. 

french provincial furniture at The Camellia

Visit our shop, The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. for help with planning your Wedding bouquets and decor. You can register for Linens and Bedding for your new Home. Open Wednesday through Sunday. p (807)475-3551