Thursday, March 22, 2018

Simple succulents for wedding decor

Succulents and Air plants are very in vogue at the moment. Maybe you are thinking about a small succulent as a Thank you wedding favour. How about using something like the centrepiece above, which is simple, yet effective. It consists of 3 Rose bowls, green muslin ribbon, and small succulents, all kept in place with oasis bindwire.  

Photo from Oasis Floral. 

Do visit us here at The Camellia, for unique Wedding decor and Flowers. We also offer DIY wedding Flower classes. 
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Friday, March 2, 2018

Thunder Bay Wedding Show 2018, The Camellia & Your Perfect Catch.

The Thunder Bay Wedding show happens this Sunday, March 4th. 2018.  We have overbooked ourselves, and cannot be at the upcoming Thunder Wedding Show which is on this Sunday at the Victoria Inn. No worries..we are sharing with you our amazingingly real-looking Wedding Bouquets, and Unique Fishing lure wedding favours.


At The Camellia, we create for you the bouquet of your dreams, with Fresh-Look Faux Botanicals! Brides always tell us that their guests could not believe their Bouquets were not real. Best of all, no worrying about wilted, droopy Flowers, you can get them done well ahead of your big day, and you get a keepsake of your Wedding! We also design Brooch bouquets, purse bouquets, shabby chic, and Vintage.
Love to DIY? Take a Class at The Camellia and DIY your headpiece, bouquets, reception decor and more. Try out Cottage/Chalky Paint to revamp old furniture for photo props, redo vintage frames, and do Pinterest projects such as painted mason jars. We carry dried lavender buds for making your own Lavender throws, and check out Tammy's Wedding at the very top of the photo collage, she got married on Feb. 14, and we designed her Lavender bouquets right here at The Camellia. 
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Your Perfect

Your Perfect Catch has the HOTTEST trend in wedding favors of 2018!  Our hand tied lures are a perfect favor that is both unique yet so practical, your guests will actually use them.  These fishing lure wedding favors are a great addition to your outdoor rustic wedding or wedding by the lake or camp. You can present these lure favors to fit any wedding reception d├ęcor whether rustic or elegant. Ryan and Katie in the photo above ordered fishing lure wedding favours for their wedding celebration. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

What's in style for Wedding Bouquets in 2018? the Camellia, Thunder Bay Wedding Florist

wedding bouquet at The Camellia

Wondering what's in style for wedding Bouquets in 2018? One word...Cascade Bouquets. Beautiful, free flowing, cascade Bouquets. Flowers are the most important part of a Wedding. 

wedding design at The Camellia

Magnolia leaves are my can make the most trendy designs with them. 

wedding bouquets at The Camellia

wedding bouquets at The Camellia

soft pinks and ivorys wedding design at the Camellia

Here is a simple, but beautiful design from the Camellia. Faux flowers mixed in with fresh flowers, giving you the best of both worlds. Stop in at The Camellia  for the best in Silk flower wedding bouquets. The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, Slate River, On. 
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to do a Lake Superior Wedding, The Camellia

It's easy to get carried away to exotic destinations when planning your Wedding...sometimes the best destination can be found right here you live. The shores of Lake Superior make a spectacular backdrop for your wedding photos. Often we overlook the beauty of where we live...somewhere else seems more exotic. Then you start pondering the legalities of getting married in a different country...what if you break up, then you will be governed by the laws of the country where you legally got married. This would affect property and assets, and other areas of your life. 

palm trees

Some of your guests may not be able to afford to pay for travel to your Wedding. And after all, what is a Wedding without your family and friends? 


For those of you who don't like heat, Lake Superior is perfect as there is usually a cooling breeze coming off the Lake, even in the middle of Summer. You would like to have beautiful photos, and a red-faced, perspiring person isn't too attractive. Long dresses, suits and jackets can get uncomfortable when it's too hot.  

A great go-to resource is At Lake superior Weddings, our mission is to put you in touch with the best Designers, Wedding venues, photographers, Florists, Officiants, and Wedding favour providers. We believe in the Hand-made, the unusual, we love DIY and are willing to work with you to create your special design. We draw inspiration from the beauty and the ever changing landscape of Lake Superior. 

silk wedding flowers The Camellia

Bouquets from The Camellia, these are special since they are a mix of silk flowers and fresh. Why not all fresh? Faux bouquets stay fresher longer, most of them can be made ahead of your Big Day, and the fresh flowers added in a few days before. There is also more selection of colours in silk flowers. 

wedding bouquet thunder bay

silk wedding flowers thunder bay

wedding favours from your perfect

Wedding favours from These are custom made for your event, and they ship. 

These favours are made for a Lake wedding!. 

All-seasons weddings - Evelyne Reid Thunder Bay

Looking for a Wedding Officiant? Call Evelyne Reid, from All-Seasons Weddings.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

How to drape a ceiling for your Barn wedding, the Camellia, Thunder Bay.

Do you pore over pictures on Pinterest showing a beautiful Barn Wedding? Love the look of a draped ceiling but not sure how to do it, or more importantly, how you are going to be able to afford to pay for it? Then look no further. Click on the link below, and you will be able to see how this was done, and what we love the most, it takes you through the-step-by-step of figuring out sizes of fabric panels, and how they installed them. If you want to have your panels lit, then you also need to think about availability of plug-ins.

fabric ceiling at wedding
photo via Pinterest, photo credit: Kaylynn Clark 

Where can you have a Barn wedding in #ThunderBay and #SlateRiver? Check out Gammondale Farm's listing on Wedding Wire...

hayloft in virginia

Barns have so much history, and Haylofts are so fun! Barns abound with photo-ops. 

barn rustic walls virginia

Wood and plaster walls make a perfect backdrop for photos...light bouncing off Open windows.

flax bundles in Virginia

Even bundles of Flax look romantic against these Barn walls. Looking for more ideas for your Barn wedding? Visit The Camellia at 30, Hacquoil Rd. for silk-like Wedding bouquets, and fabric for your wedding decor. Open Wednesday through Sunday, 12-5p. 

faux wedding bouquets The Camellia Slate River

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How to make A Boho Cascade Wedding Bouquet, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Getting married in 2018? Having a Boho themed wedding? If you are thinking about designing your own Wedding Flowers, do have a look at the video below. A Boho themed Bouquet has a very loose structure and is quite free-flowing, and spirited. Cascading vines and foilage play an important role in a Boho Cascade bouquet.

white wedding flowers at the Camellia

wedding flowers at The Camellia

wildflower bouquet oasis floral
Photo from Oasis Floral 

Need some more Ideas for Wedding Flowers? Check out Oasis Floral

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Marriage in the 21st. century

It's complicated. Nowadays, you know to tread very carefully when asking questions about various subjects. Like Marriage....and Divorce...and separation...and Co-habitation, and so much more. You learn to express interest, but cannot keep up with ever-changing relationship scenarios. 

wedding bouquet at The Camellia

Here at the Camellia, we design Wedding Flowers. We also hold DIY Classes if you want to make your own Bouquets, and do your own decorating. 

wooden signs at The Camellia

All everyone wants is to Be Happy. 

tin signs at the Camellia

This article from the Star is a good read. Click on the link to read. 

forest at the Camellia

Wishing you blue skies on your Wedding Day, and come see us at the Camellia for your Wedding Flowers! 
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